Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Make your own pair of black slasher jeans- idea from Sabo Skirt

Hey all!

So over the summer I did a bit of online shopping and I was looking on one site in particular, Sabo Skirt. ( I found the coolest black slasher jeans shown below.
sabo skirt, slasher jeans, diy
These run for $48 on Sabo Skirt so I decided to cut my own pair since I had a bunch of old black jeans lying around.

You don't need much at all, just scissors to cut and you're all set.

All you have to do is pull the jeans nice and tight where you want your slits to be and cut,. Let the freedom be yours to cut as many slits as you want and however big you want them to be.

Make it your own: I sowed bandana fabric on the first slit on each side to give them a different look and make them my own.

Look how they turned out!
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 do it yourself, jeans, slits, fun, easy project, cheap, styledistressed jeans, diy, style, girls night out

They are super easy and fun to do. These distressed jeans gives every girl a rad edgy look.

Style them with: a flowy tunic and platform boots or heels  for a cute look perfect for going out at night with friends or style them with a big sweater and moccasins or boots for a comfy stay at home look. 

Hope you all like the idea and I encourage all of you to try making a pair for yourself!

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