Wednesday, October 10, 2012

CD Mosaic Frame

I found the coolest idea on pintrest that is almost too easy and convenient.

Everyone has old cds that are either broken or they don't need anymore.

broken cds

All you need is scissors, tacky glue, a paper mache frame (or a regular frame), Black slick dimensional fabric paint, tweezers, and a scrap piece of thin cardboard (cereal box works just as well).

1. once the cds are broken up into various sizes and shapes, squeeze some glue on the front of the frame and spread it out with a scrap piece of thin cardboard. Then to be safe use the tweezers to pick up the CD pieces one at a time and place in the glue. Keep doing this to full the whole frame.  That's really it!

card board,glue, frame

2. Squeeze some dimensional fabric paint onto a scrap of paper to make sure that there are no bubbles and it comes out even. Fill in extra spaces with broken cd pieces.

fabric paint, broken cds, diy project

 With out the fabric paint you get a completely different look but also still very unique and eye catching.

Look at the difference:

without the paint:
frame, mosaic, cds
with the paint:
frame, mosaic, paint, cds

Both look awesome and are easy to do. Enjoy this great idea and hit me up with some comments letting me know if you tried this or any other of my ideas and how it worked out for you.

One last tip: you can always put a mirror in the middle to make it a mosaic mirror instead of a picture frame. 

I'm eager to know! Enjoy!

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