Thursday, December 6, 2012

Fun with Bleach!

There are so many ways you can use bleach on clothes and it all comes out so cool!

1. bleached shorts
you can dip the bottoms in bleach or even one whole side
shorts, bleach, diybleach, diy, shorts

2. bleached flannels
There are so many cool ways to bleach a flannel:
bleach, diy, flannel
 diy, flannel, bleach
 flannel, bleach, diy

3. bleached jeans
diy, bleach, jeans
 diy, bleach, jeans

4. bleached hair bows
diy, hair, bow, bleach
 hair bow, diy, bleach

5. Bleached shirts
There are so many different ways to bleach a shirt:
bleach, diy, shirt

6. bleach scarfs 

7. bleached bags

Hope you guys try these ideas at home but don't forget bleach can be somewhat dangerous and can put holes through clothing. Make sure when you fill up your bucket of bleach, half of it is water.

Enjoy and be safe! xoxo

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